When there’s an emergency, and you don’t know what to do, calling 108 is what you’d resort to as a natural instinct. That is when emergency healthcare services come to your rescue.

Emergency healthcare services – The need of the hour

Emergency healthcare services have now become more of a necessity these days with the rise in many diseases and the number of accidents. You don’t know what’s going to happen in the very next moment. From a cardiac arrest, an asthma attack, or even an accident, emergencies can take place in different forms. An emergency casualty department caters to the needs of patients without any prior appointment. The department is equipped with a team of medical emergency medicine specialists who are trained in providing immediate CPR, life support ventilation monitoring, and trauma care.

The 24/7 Emergency Casualty Department at Nikhil Hospitals is committed to providing critical care for injured patients and patients with critical health conditions. Our emergency care staff is always ready with the needs of every patient who is brought in. Infection control has been paramount in all the features and treatment procedures we carryout.

If you’re in an emergency, don’t worry. Nikhil Hospitals’ emergency wing is there for you. We believe we can provide excellent and timely care for everyone who comes here.

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