Radiology refers to the science of medical imaging techniques to diagnose and sometimes also treat certain diseases. The department of radiology involves a series of tests that create images of various internal organs of the body. There are a wide range of imaging techniques under radiology services which provide images of the internal body, including X-ray, MRI scans, ultrasound, PET scan and CT scan.

What does a radiologist do?

Radiologists study and simplify all the imaging diagnostic tests including ultrasounds, X-rays, bone mineral densitometry, mammography, CT and MRI scans, and offer comprehensive treatments to patients who are diagnosed any health condition. Radiology can also be taken as a preventive measure, or a screening for many life-threatening health conditions such as cancers and tumours.

Radiology helps in diagnosing problems at an early stage where the treatments can be easily done without surgical interventions in some cases.

The Department of Radiology at Nikhil Hospitals has set up technologically advanced, diagnostic and treatment equipment that offers accurate diagnostic output. The department is headed by highly experienced radiologists dedicated to offer round the clock diagnostic services.

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