Dr Nikhil Sunkarineni

Consultant Neurologist
About Dr Nikhil Sunkarineni

Dr. Nikhil Sunkarineni is one of the Best Neurologist in Hyderabad. He provides expert consultation for many advanced and critical neurological health issues like chronic and persistent headache, dementia, severe migraine, back and neck pain, etc. Patients from various parts of India come down to seek treatment under his care. He believes in comprehensive and holistic treatment.

Dr Nikhil Sunkarineni is the Leading and Renowned Neurologist in Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad with 10+ years of experience in dealing with both surgical & non surgical neurological problems. Dr Nikhil Sunkarineni vision is to provide Best neurology treatment for all kind of neurological problems at Nikhil Hospitals.

He is also the head of Nikhil Hospitals, a Multi speciality hospital in Hyderabad. To bring himself up to this position where he could host a Multi speciality hospital, he has honed his skills in many other reputed medical institutes of this country. He started his journey in Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences Andhra Pradesh where he pursued his MBBS. Later he specialised in MD and DM neurology from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College. He has practised his skills as a Neurology specialist for 3 years in Princess Esra Hospital, 3 years in Metro Cure Hospital, and 2 years in Udai Omni Hospital.

He, then, went ahead to establish his own medical center with all the latest medical technologies available with a full-functioning ICU and a 24/7 emergency ward to ensure prompt and the best treatment for all patients who seek medical care.

Along his journey as a neurology doctor, he has taken the opportunity to upgrade his skills to become a paediatric neurologist has well. Paediatric neurology or neurology for children requires additional study and hands-on experience. This is because, the delicate and tiny body systems of children are very different from those in adults and they require specially trained doctors to attend to them. This also includes treatment and management of congenital disorders like anencephaly, encephalocele, spina bifida, etc.

Dr. Nikhil Sunkarineni understands the special needs of different patients and treats them with care and empathy. He ensures that the treatment he is offering aligns with the daily life of the patients – be it in terms of lifestyle or other treatments that the patient might be taking. However, he also urges his patients to understand that nervous problems cannot be cured overnight and some problems can only be managed. So, patients must forbearance and faith in the treatment. With good treatment and regular monitoring, any neurological condition can be made better, if not cured!

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